Naima Phillips-Maund
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10:38pm 29th March 2006
Naima Simone Phillips-Maund born in Sidcup (London), United Kingdom
04:30am 30th March 2006
Naima collapsed and struggled with her breathing
04:30-05:30 30th March 2006
Naima was resuscitated and put on a ventilator
03:00am 1st April 2006
Transferred to St. Peter's Hospital, Chertsey (SW London) for specialist brain activity monitoring.
2nd April 2006
Naima was blessed
3rd April 2006
Naima was taken off the ventilator and placed on a CPAP (continuous air pressure) machine
7th April 2006
Naima had her MRI Scan.

She needed to be off the CPAP machine for this and gave us a couple of scares (she started to desaturate), first as we entered the MRI room and second 10mins into the MRI scan. On the second attempt the MRI scan was completed successfully.
1:00pm 9th April 2006

Return to Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup

Naima was taken off the CPAP machine at 12:00 noon and not put back on until 12:00 midnight, the longest she was without assisted breathing.

05:30am 11th April 2006
Naima had a difficult night and was put back on the ventilator

(We later found out she had a secondary infection of  pneumonia).

12th April 2006
Naima was blessed by the Chaplin at Queen Mary's
1:00pm 12 April 2006
In the arms of her Mum & Dad Naima passed away
2pm 26th April 2006
Service in memory of Naima at Queen Mary's Hospital attended by many friends and family.
28th April 2006 - Thank you e-mail

We would like to thank all of those who were able to attend the service for Niama on Wednesday.

We would like to extend special thanks to:

Diana Coutts (Chaplin, Queen Mary's Hospital Sidcup) for providing continued support and arranging and conducting the service

Dr Talwar, Queen Mary's Hospital for looking after Naima and providing us with on-going support

Dr Gann for resuscitating Naima

Julia & Sandra & all other nurses at Queen Mary's Hospital for providing that extra special care for Naima, Mum and Dad.

Dr Tosin, Dr Peter Reynolds, Dr (Aunty) Sharon, Lynn, Kathy, Maria, Debbie, Bensey, Beena, Caroline, Mandy, Mona and all other nurse at St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey for looking after Naima, Mum and Dad.

The transport crews that transferred Naima between Sidcup & Chertsey Hospitals.

And last but by no means least to all our friends and family for the support they have provided and will continue to provide we couldn't have got through this without your support and, at times of need, shoulders to cry on. Thank you.


May our beautiful baby girl rest in peace.

Joan & Chris
29th April 2006
Happy Birthday Naima - 1 month today.

Mummy & Daddy miss you; we hope you have a wonderful day playing with your friends.
12th May 2006 - 1 Month Since you passed away

This was one of those bad days.

Missed you lots my beautiful baby girl. Lots of tears have been shed in the most inappropriate of places. Wish I could hold you in my arms one more time. I cry just thinking about the last time I held you.

Love you more than words can express.

Mummy & I are feeling so much pain. We never thought we would have to miss you like this. Guide us though this time.

We know you are in a better place, it just doesn't feel better to us. Wish I could bring you back. I will always remember you. My beautiful baby girl.


10:15 13th May 2006 Birth Registration
Registered Naima's birth today, it was so hard.

Both Joan & I wept.

We now have a birth certificate for our daughter who is no longer with us. :-(

Such a sad time.
09:30 15th May 2006
Today was Naima's Funeral

Daddy carried her little white coffin to the altar

Mummy & Daddy cried with the pain of missing their beautiful little girl.
18th May 2006

Naima's ashes scattered.
Rest in Peace Naima

29th June 2006
Happy Birthday Baby Naima 2 months old today

Mummy & Daddy
12th June 2006
Its been 2 months since you passed away.

Each day the ache in our hearts reminds us you are not with us. We wish we could have made your stay longer and happier. We know you are now in a happier place. Look after yourself Naima, one day we will be together again.

Missing you more and more each day
Mummy & Daddy

29th June 2006
Happy Birthday baby Naima.

3 months old today baby girl.

Mummy & Daddy are missing you we hope you are happy & safe in your new home. We hope the other angels are keeping you company.

Be at peace darling.
12th July 2009

Missing you doesn't get any easier, it's been 3 months now since you passed away.

Our love for you grows stronger day by day.

We constantly think about things we would be doing, how mummy & daddy would argue about who's turn it is to care for you during the night, or attend to you when you are crying. When I hear crying babies in the supermarket, whilst others feel embaressed for the mother, I feel jealously that we cannot experience that with you.

Mummy & Daddy love you
Continue to guide us through this difficult time

29th July 2006
Happy Birthday darling baby girl, 4 months old today.

Life is so hard without you.....

Mummy & Daddy
23rd August 2006
Coroner's Inquest held determined caused of death as pneumonia brought on by perinatal asphyxia.
29th August 2006
Your getting a big girl now, 5 months old today.

Wish we could give you a birthday hug.

Missing you more each day.

Mum & Dad
12th Sept 2006
5 months since our baby has been an Angel.

Each day your gone our love for you grows.

Missing you our beautiful baby girl Naima.

Mum & Dad
29th October 2006

We hope our birthday girl (6 months old today) is so happy with your angel friends.

Mummy and Daddy love you so much.

Birthday Hugs & Kisses to our angel daughter.


12th Oct 2006
6 months since you passed away.

This is a hard day for us.

We are thinking of you baby girl. We miss you so much.

Always Loved, never forgotton.

Mummy & Daddy
29th Oct
Hi Naima,

7 months old today.... 

Mummy and Daddy love & miss you

12th Nov 2006
Hi Naima,

Our beautiful angel.

It's been 7 months since you passed away, with each day we miss you more. Wish we could give you a big hug.

Your loving parents


29th Nov 2006
Mummy and Daddy sending you hugs and kisses

8 months old today.

Loving you is never hard, missing you will always be part of our life.

12th Dec 2006

8 months since our baby girl left.

8 months of pain and heartache.

8 months of wanting our baby back.

8 months of remembering the short time we had together

8 months of rembering those heartbreaking moments

8 months of loving our little girl

8 months of our love growing stronger for baby girl

One day we'll be reunited and we'll share our love eternally

Looking forward to that day but its not yet

Mummy & Daddy


25th Dec 2006
Our first Christmas.

It has been as painful as expected.

Missing our baby girl Naima.

We bought you a beautiful teddy with "Special Daughter" on it, becuase you will always be our special daughter.

Love you always

Mummy & Daddy
29th Dec 2006
Happy Birthday Naima 9th Months old today.

Loving & MIssing you with all our hearts

Mummy & Daddy
1st Jan 2007
Happy New Year Angel.

Wishing you peace and happiness for 2007.

Mummy & Daddy
7th Jan 2007
We got a kitten for you to play with....

she look funny .... but she is cute and loveable......
12th Jan 2007
9 months have passed since your last took a breath in our arms.

Such a painful day that in some respects seems such a long time ago but we can remember it like yesterday.

Missing you baby girl Naima xx

Mummy & Daddy
29th Jan 2007
10 months old today baby girl Naima.

Missing you as much today as we did in April 2006.....

I can't believe you been away from us for so long.

You are getting to be a big girl now.

Looking forward to being with you again, holding you & giving you a hug... as we did just after you were born...we remember your beautiful eyes looking up..... the time is not right now.....

Love you

Mummy & Daddy
9th Feb 2007
Hi Naima,

Daddy was 40 today, and really really missed you.

I couldn't celebrate. I could only think of you. Wish you were here. Wish we were together again.

We will be re-united one day.

Love you

29th March 2007
Happy 1st Birthday Naima

Thinking of you today.

Wish we could hold you. Mummy & daddy miss you.

Love you today, yesterday, and forever more.

29th March 2007
Scatterred some flowers for our baby girl's birthday....
26th May 2007
We are very happy to announce the birth of Naima's sister Zara Naomi Phillips-Maund on Saturday 26th May 2007 at 11:28am, weighing 7lb and 3oz.
29th August 2007
17 months today..... :-)

You are such a big girl.... miss you everyday, the pain doesn't go away.

Your sister was 3 months old three days ago.

Love you both.

Mum and Dad

29th Sept 2007
3 days ago your sister, Zara, was 4 months. Today you are 18months....

We give your sister the hugs we should have been giving you 12 months ago.

Our hearts ache for you... one day we will be together again as a complete family.

Love you Naima more today then ever before.

Mum & Dad
24th Dec 2007

Daddy visited your resting place for a chat...

See you soon my angel :-)

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